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YDPages Client Portal

Software Simplified

  2. All Software is disposable, only data has value.
  3. Write every line for performance, automation and always validate incoming data. 
  4. If your people are talking over your head, they are most likely talking over thier own as well.

Information System Development is a Simple Process.

  • What do you do?
    • This is the process of developing a schema. Sometimes this can be a challenging process as we are learning how you think of your business rather than what other companys do. Do customers have orders or do orders have customers for example.  
  • How do you want it to work?
    • We use vertical encapsulated design to make it work the way you want it to.
    • We Identify Key Stakeholders and put them in charge of their user interface design. 
  • Solve the hard part first, rather than creating a mock-up!
    • We makes sure we can deliver the golden goose, before polishing the egg.
    • We save both of us time and money by knowing, rather than estimating the cost and succuss of your project. 
  • Nothing works unless it works again. 
    • An Idempotent Deployment process is alwasy  included as part of the solution.

What is a Good Software Solution?

    No matter how big you grow, the enterprise grows with you.
    You dictate the cost and management. 
    The best support is not needed. You can call, and we will answer, but this is the exception. We write self healing applications.