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Software Simplified

If your people are talking over your head, they are most like talking over thier own as well.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

"Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning" are terms individuals use to prevent human cognition. 

Machines Follow instructions, they do not have inherent goals nor can they find a reward to thier efforts. At YDPages we call our software healthy and robust as we develop systems with the ability to self heal , escalate effectivly and report un-expected results gracefully. This is done by great coding practices and healthy peer review. 

Information System Development is a Simple Process.

  • What do you do?
    • This is the process of developing a schema. Sometimes this can be a challenging process as we are learning how you think of your business rather than what other companys do. Do customers have orders or do orders have customers for example.  
  • How do you want it to work?
    • We use vertical encapsulated design to make it work the way you want it to.
    • We Identify Key Stakeholders and put them in charge of their user interface design.